Elephant Nature Camp – Myanmar

Phoe Kyar Elephant Camp at Taungoo, Myanmar ( Burma )

Elephant Show, Elephant Work Show in the forest, Elephant ride, and the life of Elephant Trainers called Sin Oo Zie. Enjoy the jungle life at the Elephant Camp.

Bathing of the Elephant Objective of Elephant Bathing

  • – To remove the dirt from the body before being harnessing
  • – To remove the eggs laid by gat flies which if not it destroyed develop into warbles.
  • – To maintain the body temperature to be normal.



The elephant must be made to lie down in to the stream and splashed with the water to remove dirt and mud first on the one side.













The Elephant Show : It starts with the lovely elephants walking on the Square Teak Beam in a fild.





































In Phoe Kyar Elephant Camp to take Recreation and Relaxation, wooden Bungalow of logs were constructed and Elephants already well-trained to be tame, Elephants play and over 100-years-old Teak Trees, Natural Mountain and Forest Birds Beauty scenes.


Enjoy elephant ride and viewing the fauna and flora provides you with unforgettable memory of your visit to Myanmar.





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Phoe Kyar Forest Resort

  • Location : Located in Yedashe Township – Thargara. It is 10 miles 2 furlong from Thargara, in the area of Swa forest reserve area, on the bank of Thaing creek. The resort has 20 acres in area

  • Access : From Yangon to Swa Township, Thargara by car is 204 miles. From Thargara to Pho Kyar Resort the drive by car is 10 miles all seasons. From Yangon to Taungoo by train is 116 mile. From Taungoo to Thargara Pho Kyar Forest Resort by car is 26 miles.

Opportunities for study

  1. To study natural forest plants including different species of hardwood, large forests teak wood, other valuable forest plants different life span (middle age – young age) bamboos, cane and different flora.

  2. Elephant riding – elephant riding by W shape cradle, riding by tying the cushion seats on the back of the elephant, riding around the camp, short trip, long trip elephant riding, elephant riding overnights in the jungles.

  3. Elephant Bathing
    Bathing and washing young elephants, old elephants, mother elephants and the calves.

  4. Bringing up of the young elephants.
    Natural breast feeding, by the mother elephants, powder milk feeding to the baby elephants.

  5. (5) Horse riding, Bullock cart riding, cycling.

  6. Studying the nature of forest.
    – Hardwood Study
    – Bushes Soft Trees study
    – Study natural grown orchids.
    – Indigenous Medicine plant study.
    – Study teak plantation
    – Thinning of teak plantation.

  7. Rafting

  8. Flora & Fauna Survey
    – Fauna
    – Barking Deer
    – Cevit Family
    – Birds
    – Butterfly
    – Insects
    – Freshwater Fish
    – Tortoise
    – Reptiles, Spider
    – Flora
    – Teak Plantation age by age
    – Other Species of Hard Wood
    – Shrubs, Herbs & Medicinal Plants
    – Bushes (Seasonal & Perennials)
    – Bamboo, Cane, Palms & Ferns

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Credit Photo : My sister