3.19.13 – American robin bird

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring …

Today, Snow shower in Connecticut …..





















American robin bird

American robin bird

American robin bird is found over most of North America in the summer months. Its familiar song,Β cheer-up, cheer cheer cheer-up, begins well before daybreak and in many regions signals the start of spring. It is notorious for its ability to find, catch and eat earthworms. Contrary to popular wisdom, earthworms are found by sight rather than by sound. They eat beetles, grasshoppers, other insects, many fruits including grapes, cherries, pokeberries, and mistletoe, and in southern state, the fruits of the Sabal Palm.

Female robin and male robin

maple buds

Youtube : Freezing rain

Good bye, Winter!

Welcome to Spring! πŸ™‚